Is Normal Delivery Possible After C-section

Is Normal Delivery Possible After C-section

Women can experience the blessing of giving birth; however, the methods vary as per the necessity of the female body and conditions. Women who have given birth by cesarean section (or C-section) with their first pregnancy are now intensifying their interest in a vaginal or normal delivery for their later deliveries. Vaginal birth after cesarean (or VBAC) is now becoming an option with strengthening results. VBAC does come with certain risks and complications during childbirth and/ or postnatal care. It is highly encouraged to discuss with your healthcare provider and weigh the options for a successful delivery.

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  1. Is Normal Delivery Possible After C section?
  2. Who is an ideal candidate For VBAC
  3. How To Prepare Yourself For VBAC
  4. Reasons to opt for Vaginal Birth after C section
  5. Risks Factors of VBAC
  6. Best Gynecologist in Noida For Normal Delivery


1. Is Normal Delivery Possible After C section?

In the later pregnancies, choosing between a repetitive C-section or a VBAC requires professional assistance. For years, women with a history of c-section deliveries were recommended to skip vaginal deliveries. In recent times, scientific discussions and certain observational studies have reported the success rate of VBAC of 60-80% for women attempting VBAC as an option. Encompassing the positive factors, one must also understand that VBAC is not safe for all women. It is suggested to discuss with your healthcare provider and ensure that the decision of normal delivery after c-section is right for both mother and the baby.

2. Who is an ideal candidate for VBAC?

A 100% successful VBAC is not guaranteed; however, certain parameters can make a woman an ideal candidate to choose VBAC as an option:

  1. Previous vaginal delivery/ deliveries: Previous vaginal birth increase the VBAC success rate
  2. Previous C-section deliveries: Women who have had earlier C-sections with a transverse incision on the uterus are good candidates for VBAC procedures.
  3. Uterus health: There should be no scars on the uterus. Any anomalies or previous ruptures can lower the success rate.
  4. Incision nature: The previous c-section had a low-transverse incision as such cases report less chance of uterine rupture as compared to vertical incision.
  5. Younger age: A 2007 study has reported that women younger than 35 years had fewer complications during a VBAC procedure and displayed higher efficacy.
  6. Health matters: The mother and the fetus are in good health during the pregnancy, and the baby is positioned head-down.
  7. Labour induction: The contractions of labor start on their own and near around the due date

3. How To Prepare Yourself For VBAC

Creating and routine follow of the VBAC birth plan is important to increase the success rate of the procedure. The tips for normal delivery after cesarean are as follows:

  1. Educate yourself by gathering the knowledge of your previous c-section surgeries condition and complications, the type of incision, possibility of uterine rupture, associated risks, and benefits of the VBAC procedure. Seek professional assistance from a healthcare provider or prenatal VBAC classes to discuss and clarify your concerns.
  2. Search for the right healthcare provider who has a proven success rate of conducting VBAC procedures. Discuss all the possible scenarios of labor induction, postnatal care, and hospital support based on the infrastructure.
  3. A VBAC-friendly atmosphere should be available in the chosen hospital or maternity clinic with proper monitoring of the newborn and the mother. Choose the facility appropriately which can handle an emergency c-section if the situation arises. Continue discussing any symptom that you observe along with the risks and benefits of VBAC throughout the pregnancy.
tips for normal delivery after cesarean

4. Reasons to opt for Vaginal Birth after C section

VBAC to choose as an option is due to several reasons:

  1. Vaginal delivery involves no invasion or surgery as compared to c-section.
  2. The procedure might help to avoid multiple c-section deliveries and there will be less impact on future pregnancies.
  3. Lower rates of excessive bleeding, blood clotting, and placental infection are associated with a successful VBAC procedure. It also decreases the risk of abdominal organs, bladder damage, and uterine injuries.
  4. Pain and discomfort around the vagina are temporary.
  5. Recovery time is shorter as compared to surgical delivery.

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5. Risks Factors of VBAC

Although the complications associated with a successful VBAC are lower; a failed VBAC can rupture the uterus. This occurs due to the tear-opening of the scar on the uterus from earlier c-section surgery. Apart from this, there are certain scenarios where VBAC is not advisable and chances of a successful VBAC is lower:

  • Multiple C-sections,
  • Health complications which led to emergency c-section,
  • Going beyond the 40 weeks of pregnancy,
  • Stalled labor,
  • Induced labor,
  • Advanced maternal age,
  • Excessive weight gain during the pregnancy period and body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher,
  • The suspected weight of the baby is over 10 pounds,
  • Preeclampsia (high blood pressure and signs of other organ damage as a pregnancy complication),
  • Previous delivery within 18 months,
  • Any type of uterine surgery in the past
  • Certain health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Recent ultrasound depicts any placental concerns or abnormal position of the fetus

6. Best Gynecologist in Noida for Normal Delivery

Dr. Preeti Singh is the best Gynaecologist in Noida for normal delivery. She is a renowned Gynaecologist and Obstetrician with a fruitful experience of 21 years in managing high-risk pregnancies, recurrent pregnancy loss, infertility, normal delivery, and C-section. Dr. Preeti Singh will cater and provide the best care as per your requirement and your fertility-related issues will be taken care of with great care and expertise. You will feel relaxed under the guidance and supervision of her while progressing towards seeing the healthy baby.


Some women would like to approach vaginal delivery after cesarean birth. Choosing VBAC requires a great deal of commitment to knowledge sharing and planning with your healthcare practitioner. The clinic of Dr. Preeti Singh is situated in Noida which offers a great deal of necessary support and examinations required to increase the success rate of a VBAC procedure. If you would like to learn more about the chances of successful vaginal delivery after one or two cesarean deliveries, feel free to contact or book an appointment with Dr. Preeti Singh to experience the remarkable gift of parenthood.