High risk pregnancy

What is High-risk Pregnancy?

A pregnancy that poses a threat to a woman or her child is considered a high-risk pregnancy. It is a certain medical condition that also threatens the growth and development of the baby. Being a high risk pregnancy means one needs extra care and monitoring and proper treatment to ensure that there are no complications and the baby will be born healthy.

It can be overwhelming to hear you have a high risk pregnancy. At Sprrash clinic, we take care of many high-risk pregnancies and increase your chances of having a problem free pregnancy and birth.

Dr Preeti Singh - High-Risk Pregnancy Doctor in Noida

What are the causes of high risk pregnancy?

Pre-existing medical conditions along with an unhealthy lifestyle are key factors for high risk pregnancy. Age of a woman along with other physical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia (low hemoglobin), genetic condition and prior history of birth complications are common known factors for high risk pregnancy. Similarly, during a twin pregnancy, you need to take extra care of yourself and the babies.

High risk pregnancy management and treatment

Most pregnancy complications can easily be detected and prevented during regular prenatal visits. Here is what we recommend you to do to avoid any complications:

Routine, frequent check up: this is done to ensure that growth and health of baby and that of mother is monitored constantly. In addition to the routine screening tests, our specialist will ask you to conduct additional tests such as anomaly scans (for development of baby), cervical checks and growth scans etc. All these tests are necessary to ensure the wellbeing of you and your baby.

Our doctor will discuss the tests results and provide necessary treatment when needed.

Additional supplements: You should have more amounts of folic acid, calcium, iron and proteins in your diet. Iron and folic acid is useful in managing anemia during pregnancy.

Thyroid disorders during pregnancy may affect both mother and baby. Proper intake of iodine supplements helps manage the condition.

Pregnancy induced hypertension is a serious condition and should be treated appropriately. We recommend certain lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and regular exercise to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Avoid strenuous activity, stressful environments and travelling as pregnancy progresses. Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk factors. Our doctors or counselors will work with you to quit safely during pregnancy.

Doing yoga or meditation will help relieve the stress and also manage the high blood pressure, stress hormones in your body.

Have regular medical visits, proper diet and follow the instructions of your doctor to have a safe and successful delivery.

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