Get the Best Infertility Treatment in Noida by Dr Preeti Singh

Today, many couples are experiencing fertility problems wherein even after trying unprotected sex for more than 12 months they are unable to conceive naturally. Understanding infertility and the treatments can be overwhelming. Here’s what one needs to understand before starting the treatment.

Best Infertility Treatment in Noida by Dr Preeti Singh

Factors affecting fertility:

There are many reasons a couple may have difficulty becoming pregnant. Women may have infertility related to disorders such as PCOS syndrome, hormone imbalances, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or abnormalities of the reproductive organs. Men can experience infertility if they have problems with the quality of their sperm, or produce antibodies against their own sperm.

In addition to age and physiological factors, stressful and hectic lifestyle is also reducing the general fertility rates. Harmful lifestyle factors including poor nutrition, smoking, and alcohol consumption are major factors contributing to infertility and require immediate action. Obesity or significantly under-weight is also known to have an impact on fertility and the chances of conception.

Most of these factors are manageable with right guidance and treatment.

Diagnosis for infertility causes

At Sparrsh Clinic, we believe that identifying the cause of your infertility is important as the choice of treatment depends on it.

Firstly, the medical history of the couple will be checked. This will include information about the regularity of periods, previous pregnancies and/or miscarriages, infections, or surgeries.

Few preliminary tests including blood tests (to check hormonal imbalance and infection), semen tests, and ultrasound examinations will be carried out to understand the type of infertility and ultimately a treatment plan to overcome the problem.

Treatment option

Based on the couple’s test results, a suitable customized treatment plan is recommended by our fertility specialist. Typically, the specialist will suggest simpler options first such as lifestyle management and if these simple treatments fail then only complex treatments such as IVF are suggested.

Lifestyle management:

Most couples benefit from simple modifications in their lifestyle pattern including a healthy diet, weight management and regular exercise.

Ovulation induction

Hormone therapy (injections) is given to women for stimulating ovulation and increasing the chances of conception.

Artificial insemination

The treatment is used where a male partner has a low sperm count. In this treatment, sperm is then inserted directly into the uterus for easy access to the fallopian tubes.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

The process includes inserting a single selected sperm directly into the egg. The eggs are collected from women and fertilization takes place in the laboratory. The fertilized embryo is then transferred to the uterus.

IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

IVF is used for treating cases of infertility related to fallopian tubes, abnormal sperm, unexplained infertility cases, etc. The eggs and semen are collected from both partners. The fertilization takes place in a special laboratory and the fertilized embryo is transferred into the uterus of the intended mother.

At Sparrsh clinic, Dr Preeti Singh has expertise in the fields of infertility treatments. Our dedicated fertility care team consisting of fertility specialists, nurses, and counselors are committed to improve your chances of conception.

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